The Bark is the outer crust that forms when smoking meat.  It is usually associated with pulled pork or brisket. The Bark  is the most flavorful layer on the outer surface of the meat that is formed from the sugars in the rub caramelizing. Other enhancers to forming a good crust come from spraying or […]

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Bite Through Skin

The BBQ definition of Bite Through Skin is usually discussed in competition barbeque. The holy grail for BBQ competition cooks is to have bite through chicken skin for their turn ins. Crispy chicken skin (like fried) is not typically associated with competition BBQ.  The goal is for the person eating the chicken to be able

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Boston Butt

The Boston Butt is a cut of pork that barbequers often used for BBQ pulled pork. This cut comes from the upper part of the front leg of the pig.  Boston Butt is cut from the top part of the shoulder and may contain part of the shoulder blade. People that smoke or barbeque the

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CYM – Cheap Yellow Mustard This is used in the preparation of smoking meats, not as a flavor enhancer, but as a glue or binder to hold the dry rub seasonings to the meat.  Most people will say there is no mustard flavor left behind on the finished smoked meat, hence go with the the

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Dalmatian Rub

Dalmatian Rub is simply equal parts salt and pepper; the color is black and white just like the color of Dalmatian dog.  This is a common seasoning for beef when grilling and smoking. Think fine grind for shorter cooks like grilling steaks and hamburgers and a coarse grind when smoking cuts like beef brisket. Also

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Dirty Dalmatian Rub

Dirty Dalmatian Rub is just a slight twist on the Dalmatian Rub of equal parts  salt and pepper.  To the  salt and pepper also add an equal amount lemon pepper (salt free if you can find it). The ingredients and quantities are certainly subjective and up to each user’s preference but this is the base

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FTC (Foil, Towel, Cooler)

Foil, Towel, Cooler aka FTC is a method for resting or holding cooked meat.  The meat is wrapped in foil (often straight out of the cooker but sometimes vented for a few minutes and rewrapped tightly), then wrapped in towels and placed in a cooler (no ice).  Cooked meats can often be held for 6

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Glues or binders are used in preparation for smoking meat to hold the dry rub or seasonings to the meat.  Glues typically don’t act as a flavor enhancer but some will definitely yield  different results than others depending on the meat being cooked. Some common choices for glues are: cheap yellow mustard (CYM) worcestershire sauce

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Pellet Grill

A Pellet Grill uses hardwood pellets for the fuel source instead of wood, charcoal, gas or electric.  Is a pellet grill the same as a pellet smoker?  Not necessarily, a pellet smoker can smoke but not always grill while a pellet grill can both smoke and grill.  However  some will say that not all pellet

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Post Oak

Post Oak is one of the preferred woods for smoking beef brisket in Central Texas and has become synonymous with Central Texas barbecue.  Post Oak wood is in the white oak wood group mostly found in the eastern United States and as far west as central Texas.  The name Post Oak is likely derived from

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