BBQ Terms that begin with D

Dalmatian Rub

Dalmatian Rub is simply equal parts salt and pepper; the color is black and white just like the color of Dalmatian dog.  This is a common seasoning for beef when grilling and smoking. Think fine grind for shorter cooks like grilling steaks and hamburgers and a coarse grind when smoking cuts like beef brisket. Also […]

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Danger Zone

Danger Zone refers to the temperature zone from 40F degrees to 140F degrees. It is in this temperature range that bacteria will quickly grow. Raw meat must be kept below 40F degrees and cooked meat must be kept above 140F degrees. For BBQ the discussion is about how long the meat can stay in the

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Direct Cooking

Direct Cooking is a cooking method where the food is placed directly over the heat source. Some cooking instructions will say to setup the grill for direct cooking over medium heat.  But what is medium or low or high heat?  Well here is a simple way to know. Place your hand 1 inch above the

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Dirty Dalmatian Rub

Dirty Dalmatian Rub is just a slight twist on the Dalmatian Rub of equal parts  salt and pepper.  To the  salt and pepper also add an equal amount lemon pepper (salt free if you can find it). The ingredients and quantities are certainly subjective and up to each user’s preference but this is the base

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