BBQ, Barbecue, Barbeque, Bar-B-Q, or just simply Q…
It’s called many things. Means different things to different people. Is used as a noun, verb, and adjective. And has a language all its own.

Our BBQ Dictionary tries to define the terms and capture the spirit, history and tradition of this tasty national pastime.

Charcoal Chimney

A charcoal chimney is a quick and easy way to get the charcoal (lump or briquette) started. The charcoal is put in the chimney and…
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Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal is made by burning wood at high temperatures until it has turned into carbon.   Lump charcoal usually burns hotter than briquettes. Lump…
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Charcoal Minion Method

Minion Method

The Minion Method is a technique to create a long burning charcoal fire for cooking BBQ. A basket is filled with charcoal then several of…
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Atomic Buffalo Turds

Atomic Buffalo Turd (ABT)

An Atomic Buffalo Turd  or as they are commonly known, ABT, is a stuffed jalapeno pepper that is wrapped in bacon then smoked until delicious.  These…
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Bullet Smoker

A Bullet Smoker is as the name suggests a smoker that is shaped like a bullet. The basic concept is that the heat source (usually…
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