BBQ Terms that begin with V

Vacuum Sealer

A Vacuum Sealer is used to create a package for food storage that will last a long time. The vacuum sealer works by sucking air and moisture from a special storage bag.  Then bags are usually frozen.  Vacuum sealing allows you to keep the food stored or frozen for longer periods of time. When you […]

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Vents are the air intakes in a BBQ grill or smoker. Vents are used to regulate the temperature.  The more the vents are open, the more air is circulated through the cooker, and the higher the temperature will be inside the cooker.

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Vertical Smoker

A Vertical Smoker resembles a cabinet.  The heat source is on the bottom.  The smoker box sits above the heat source.  A water pan may also sit above the heat source.  The grates for the BBQ are place upwards throughout the vertical smoker. Typically the smoke and heat rise and are vented out the top

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