BBQ Terms that begin with C

Cadillac Cut

The Cadillac Cut is a technique for cutting ribs.  It is also known as the Hollywood Cut. Instead of cutting the ribs by slicing the middle of the meat between the bones the meat is cut all the way to the adjacent bone on either side. The result is a rib with a lot of […]

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Charcoal Chimney

A charcoal chimney is a quick and easy way to get the charcoal (lump or briquette) started. The charcoal is put in the chimney and settles on a grate near the bottom.  Wadded up newspaper is placed in the bottom and lit.  The flames rise up through the chimney and light the charcoal.  Once the

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Cold Smoking

Cold Smoking is the process of smoking an item at a temperature below 100F degrees. This technique is used to cure meats or impart smoke flavor into foods.   Cold smoking is typically used for things like cheese, fish, sausage, or bacon but can be creatively used on just about anything. To make a cold smoker

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CYM – Cheap Yellow Mustard This is used in the preparation of smoking meats, not as a flavor enhancer, but as a glue or binder to hold the dry rub seasonings to the meat.  Most people will say there is no mustard flavor left behind on the finished smoked meat, hence go with the the

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