BBQ Terms that begin with A

American Royal Barbecue

The American Royal Barbecue (aka American Royal or The Royal) is the world’s largest BBQ Competition. The event takes place in Kansas City’s historic Stockyards District.  Over 500 BBQ teams participate in The Royal. The American Royal is actually two competitions… the Invitational and the Open.  Grand Champions from qualifying BBQ contests in the previous […]

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Atomic Buffalo Turd (ABT)

An Atomic Buffalo Turd  or as they are commonly known, ABT, is a stuffed jalapeno pepper that is wrapped in bacon then smoked until delicious.  These smoked treats are always a popular appetizer while waiting for the main BBQ course. The basic Atomic Buffalo Turd is a jalapeno pepper sliced in half, filled with cream cheese,

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Au Jus

What is Au Jus? JUS is French for the natural juices given off by meat when cooking. AU is French for… “Awww, this stuff is good!” To most Americans Au Jus is the sauce put on meat or served in a bowl for dipping.  The sauce is made from the meat juices and often enhances with

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