BBQ Terms that begin with S


A Shiner is a piece of exposed bone showing through the meat on the top side of raw ribs. Shiners are the result of ribs being trimmed too close and exposing the bone.  This is an indicator that there may be only a little meat left on the bones to cook.  BBQ cooks try to […]

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Smoke Ring

The Smoke Ring is the thin pinkish colored layer below the surface of  BBQ meat  after smoking.  The smoke ring will typically be between 1/8″ and 1/2″ thick. There is a lot of confusion as to what this ring actually is or does.  And perhaps part of the problem comes from the name “Smoke Ring”

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What is Spatchcock? Spatchcock or “Spatch” is the procedure for butterflying a chicken, turkey, Cornish game hen, or other fowl to lay out flat for cooking. The process involves cutting out the backbone and snipping the cartilage in the breast to make the bird lie flat. Spatchcocking is typically done to speed up the BBQ

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St. Louis Style

St. Louis Style refers to a method of trimming spare ribs. St. Louis Style spare ribs have several benefits: – Look neater – Easier to Eat – Cook Quicker – Fit More in a Cooker To create Saint Louis Style spare ribs you trim the flap meat on the back then remove the breastbone, cartilage

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The Stall is the period of time while you are smoking meat that the internal temperature stops rising and holds or even slightly drop for up to several hours. For the backyard BBQ enthusiast who is cooking a brisket or pork butt for the first time this can be very confusing/frustrating.  So relax… this happens

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