BBQ Terms that begin with T

Texas Crutch

Texas Crutch refers to wrapping the meat tightly in foil during the BBQ cooking process. This step is typically used when smoking ribs, beef brisket, and pork butt of shoulder and will often include adding  a small amount of liquid to produce a light steam and help tenderize the meat.  When using this method the meat […]

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Texas Trinity

BBQ is a religious experience for many in Texas. And, the focus of this admiration is the Texas Trinity or Holy Trinity of Texas BBQ. The Texas Trinity includes brisket, sausage, and ribs. The sausage is typically beef but may be pork while the ribs are either full spareribs or giant beef ribs. Back in

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A Thermapen is an instant read handheld thermometer manufactured by Thermoworks. The Thermapen gives you a reading in just 3 seconds and is accurate to .7F. I have the orange Thermapen and I believe it is the fastest and most accurate of all the colors 🙂

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Thin Blue Smoke

Thin Blue Smoke (TBS) is a light, almost invisible blueish smoke.  It is the goal for making the best tasting BBQ on a smoker burning wood and/or charcoal. Too much white smoke means creosote will be coating your BBQ meat and imparting a bitter flavor. Achieving thin blue smoke is not difficult but does take

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Tongs are used for picking up meat to put on, take off or reposition on your smoker or grill. TIP:  Get a Good Pair of Tongs Things to look for when shopping for tongs… Not flimsy good grips locking mechanism

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Turn In Box

This is a competition BBQ term. A turn in box is the box with the meat turned in (hence the name) for judging. The boxes are typically 9×9 white Styrofoam containers like the ones for your leftovers to take home from a restaurant.  Each box has a number on top representing the BBQ team. For

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