BBQ Terms that begin with R

Reserve Champion

The Reserve Champion at a BBQ contest is the team with the second most total points across all the BBQ competition categories. The Reserve Champion is the runner-up to the Grand Champion.

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Reverse Flow Smoker

In a basic offset smoker the heat and smoke move from the firebox through the cooking chamber and exit out the chimney at the opposite end.  The result is that the cooking temperature near the firebox is greater than it is near the chimney. With a Reverse Flow Smoker the heat and smoke travel the

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Reverse Sear

Using a Reverse Sear method to BBQ meats involves cooking the meat with indirect heat then finishing it off over high direct heat. This technique, like most, has it’s proponents and opponents.  The benefit of the reverse sear is that your meat can absorb more smoke and flavor as it cooks as opposed to when

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Rib Rack

A Rib Rack is a device that is used to hold multiple racks of BBQ ribs during cooking. Rib Racks typically hold the ribs upright instead of laying flat on a grate.  This is done to save space so you can cook more ribs. Look for rib racks that are easy to clean.  The bits

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