BBQ Terms that begin with M


Marbling (aka intramuscular fat) refers to the white fat in the muscle of beef. It is called marbling because the beef has a marbled look to it.  Meats with greater fat, have greater marbling and therefore are the juicier more flavorful cuts of beef. The USDA has a grading system for the quality of meat […]

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The Membrane is the thin skin on the back of ribs. REMOVE IT! There are plenty of different techniques but the simplest is to loosen it at one end, grab the loose part with a paper towel, and pull.  If you’re lucky it will all come off in one piece otherwise just keep grabbing chunks

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Minion Method

The Minion Method is a technique to create a long burning charcoal fire for cooking BBQ. A basket is filled with charcoal then several of the top pieces are lit.  As the lit pieces burn down they in turn light more charcoal. The rate of burn and thus the smoker or grill temperature is controlled

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Beef (MOO) + Pork (OINK) = MOINK This simple equation produces one of our favorite BBQ treats. A MOINK Ball is a beef meatball wrapped in pork bacon, sprinkled with rub, smoked, and sauced. If you are looking for an easy and tasty BBQ snack then the MOINK Ball is for you.  MOINKs are great

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Money Muscle

The Money Muscle is a prized piece of the pork butt because of its taste and tenderness. It is located parallel to and opposite the blade bone. The money muscle is located on the outside edge of the pork butt so it forms a nice bark. BBQ competitors have nicknamed this piece the “Money Muscle”

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Mop is a liquid put on the meat during the BBQ process. A typical BBQ mop is a thin liquid with vinegar or fruit juice as its base.  Ingredients added to the base include beer, rum, bourbon, spices, oil, and the rubs used on the meat. The mop is applied periodically throughout the cook to

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