Glues or binders are used in preparation for smoking meat to hold the dry rub or seasonings to the meat.  Glues typically don’t act as a flavor enhancer but some will definitely yield  different results than others depending on the meat being cooked.

Glue on Pork ButtPork Butt Rub

Some common choices for glues are:

  • cheap yellow mustard (CYM)
  • worcestershire sauce
  • olive oil (EVOO, spray on, flavor infused … lot’s of choices)
  • mayonnaise (yes, mayo on chicken skin helps tenderize it during the cook)
  • molasses (creates a nice bark on pulled pork)
  • honey
  • agave nectar

Of course, a glue isn’t necessary it’s a preference.  Many will just let the meat set out of the refrigerator for a bit and when the meat starts to sweat put the rub on and its stays put.  Again, it’s all personal preference.

If you have a favorite glue ‘Leave a Comment’ below and let us know what it is and what you use it on.