BBQ Terms that begin with G


A Gasser is a smoker or grill that runs on propane (LP liquid propane) or natural gas (NG). While very convenient to use gas imparts no flavor to your food.  To add wood smoke flavor you’ll need to add hardwood chips or hardwood chunks to your gas  smoker’s pan or smoke box or to your […]

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Glues or binders are used in preparation for smoking meat to hold the dry rub or seasonings to the meat.  Glues typically don’t act as a flavor enhancer but some will definitely yield  different results than others depending on the meat being cooked. Some common choices for glues are: cheap yellow mustard (CYM) worcestershire sauce

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Grand Champion (GC)

The Grand Champion or GC at a BBQ contest is the team with the most total points across all the competition categories. For a typical Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) sanctioned BBQ Competition there are four categories of meat (chicken, pork ribs, pork, and beef brisket). Each category will have a winner.  And the team

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Grease Separator

A Grease Separator is used to separate the grease or fat from pan drippings. For BBQ cooks a grease separator is often used to remove the grease from the liquid left in the foil when cooking brisket or pork butt/shoulder.  The separated juice is then mixed back in with the meat to make it moist

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The terms grilling and barbecuing are often used interchangeably.  But they are different. Grilling is cooking over direct heat usually at hotter temperatures than barbecuing.  Grilling is normally done using gas, charcoal, or wood as the heat source. Grilled foods typically include items such as hot dogs, burgers, chicken parts, and veggies.  Grilling is usually a quick

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