Bite Through Skin

The BBQ definition of Bite Through Skin is usually discussed in competition barbeque.

The holy grail for BBQ competition cooks is to have bite through chicken skin for their turn ins.

Crispy chicken skin (like fried) is not typically associated with competition BBQ.  The goal is for the person eating the chicken to be able to take a bite right through the skin.

Bite Through Chicken Skin

You never want the judges to bite into a piece of chicken and have the whole skin come off and slap him in the chin.

NOT Bite Thru Chicken Skin

There are many techniques for producing bite thru chicken skin.  Some BBQ cooks scrape off the layer of fat on the skin prior to cooking.  Others smoke the chicken at lower temps then raise the temperature at the end to crisp up the skin.  While other cooks swear by putting ingredients like butter, olive oil, or mayonnaise on the skin prior to cooking.

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