Reverse Sear

Using a Reverse Sear method to BBQ meats involves cooking the meat with indirect heat then finishing it off over high direct heat.

This technique, like most, has it’s proponents and opponents.  The benefit of the reverse sear is that your meat can absorb more smoke and flavor as it cooks as opposed to when the meat has been seared first and a crust has formed on the meat.  You do need to be careful with the reverse sear in terms of the desired finishing temp of the meat.  Using this method puts a high heat on your meat and will run up the temperature quickly.

We like to barbeque our meat over indirect heat until the internal temperature reaches approximately 110F.  Then put the meat over high, hot heat for a few minutes to get that nice seared crust.

Here’s a technique we use often…

Reverse Sear
Reverse Sear on UDS Charcoal Basket

After smoking this tri-tip on our UDS, we removed the charcoal basket from the drum and placed a grill grate directly on top.  The meat was seared for a few minutes on each side to create a nice outer crust.