Competition BBQ

American Royal Barbecue

The American Royal Barbecue (aka American Royal or The Royal) is the world’s largest BBQ Competition. The event takes place in Kansas City’s historic Stockyards District.  Over 500 BBQ teams participate in The Royal. The American Royal is actually two competitions… the Invitational and the Open.  Grand Champions from qualifying BBQ contests in the previous […]

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Bite Through Skin

The BBQ definition of Bite Through Skin is usually discussed in competition barbeque. The holy grail for BBQ competition cooks is to have bite through chicken skin for their turn ins. Crispy chicken skin (like fried) is not typically associated with competition BBQ.  The goal is for the person eating the chicken to be able

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Money Muscle

The Money Muscle is a prized piece of the pork butt because of its taste and tenderness. It is located parallel to and opposite the blade bone. The money muscle is located on the outside edge of the pork butt so it forms a nice bark. BBQ competitors have nicknamed this piece the “Money Muscle”

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