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Cold Smoking

Cold Smoking is the process of smoking an item at a temperature below 100F degrees. This technique is used to cure meats or impart smoke flavor into foods.   Cold smoking…

Danger Zone

Danger Zone refers to the temperature zone from 40F degrees to 140F degrees. It is in this temperature range that bacteria will quickly grow. Raw meat must be kept below…

Direct Cooking

Direct Cooking is a cooking method where the food is placed directly over the heat source. Some cooking instructions will say to setup the grill for direct cooking over medium…


EVOO is the acronym for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It has many uses in BBQ. Marinades Glue to Hold Rub to Meat Sauces

Fat Cap

A Fat Cap is the white layer of fat on top of the meat. The fat cap serves many purposes.  It can add flavor to the meat during the BBQ…


A Fatty is a tasty treat that starts with sausage, includes a stuffing, and once rolled upped is wrapped with bacon.  This whole package is then smoked until the bacon…


Frogmats are non-stick cooking mats that you use in your smoker or grill. These mats are great for cooking food that falls apart or sticks to the grill grates like…


A Gasser is a smoker or grill that runs on propane (LP liquid propane) or natural gas (NG). While very convenient to use gas imparts no flavor to your food. …

Grand Champion (GC)

The Grand Champion or GC at a BBQ contest is the team with the most total points across all the competition categories. For a typical Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS)…

Grease Separator

A Grease Separator is used to separate the grease or fat from pan drippings. For BBQ cooks a grease separator is often used to remove the grease from the liquid…

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